Gaming is Mining
Mining is Staking
Staking for Earning

Gold Mining Members

a New era of Mining
  • Real Gold Mining
    Real Mining business in the African Region
    (Angola, Cote de’Ivore, Ghana, etc)
  • Platform Profit will be invested in the Gold Mining
    The circulation system of profit > investment > profit
    will bring a real benefits from real gold mining
  • Matching Burning
    25% coins used at the Platform
    (Platform Profit will be burnt to keep the value and scarcity)
  • Gaming is Mining
    More attraction to active players, More rewards to every players
  • Blockchain based Game Playing
    Safe & Transparent game playing with blockchain technology

Best Consortium

GMM e-Platform Ecosystem

Games in the GMM Platform

GMM Platform is fully licensed and legal

GMM e-Platform Specialty

Gaming is mining
Mining is earning
Earning while sharing
Game Playing
becomes Mining
More attraction to active players,More rewards to every players
Blockchain based
Game playing
Safe & Transparent Game
24/7 management system for playing environment Automatic/manual security system
More games,
More promotions
Development of New games + Publishing
Join debugging through Fixing & Sharing
and get rewards
Game Rotation System for Players
Open, and Co-op Platform
Real World
Payment system
Payment system that enables
payment, purchase, withdrawal,
deposit, and transfer with payment
Formation of GMM universe, only
with GMM coin
Broad selection of products,
events, and more
Bi-continental strategy,
Base for worldwide platform
Enter Asia with Verified Platform
Enter North America with Social Game Platform
Goal to become a worldwide Platform

Token Information

1,000,000,000 GMM

Burn 500,000,000 GMM
Base Information
Token Full Name Gold Mining Members
Token Symbol Name GMM
Token Total Amount 1,000,000,000
Token Base ( Early ) ERC20
Token Base ( Late ) LIN ARENA Based

Token Allocation

Total Issued
Coin Burn
  • 50% COIN BURN (To be determined)
  • 20% Mining
  • 10% Game Playing
  • 5% Asset Plus Program
  • 15% Investment & Secure liquidity

Fund Allocation

Mining Members
  • 25% Gold & Investment
  • 25% Game Development
  • 20% Marketing
  • 20% Service & Operation
  • 10% Preliminary Cost


~ 2021
Expanding On/Offline GMM network (Cruise, Hotels, Malls)
Started construction of Saipan GMM Hotel
~ 2020
Saipan GMM Hotel MOA
Development, Launch of new Games
GMM Project launch (SDM, MMI, GEB International)
Mining Business
Blueprint for Crypto/Real Life Mining procedure completed
GMM e-Platform Open
Game Playing + Mining investment, Social Gaming
Listed GMM on XT / HOTBIT Exchange
Listed GMM on BITUS(USA exchange)
Joint project with TOKEN PASS
~ 2019
MOA with MMI – Mining Business, Investment program
MOA with GEB International – Blockchain, e-Platform, Game License (NCGAC, CEZA, WISBET)