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Partnered with various crypto exchanges

We will expand partnerships with more global exchanges
to broaden the use of GMM cryptocurrency.
Now is just the beginning.

  • The core of the GMM project lies in various games and blockchains.
    n addition to publishing various games made by other developers, we also provide game services developed by ourselves.
    All games will run on the blockchain and we guarantee fun, fairness and trust.
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Online K-POP Concert

Red Angel

About Concert

​The online K-POP concert to overcome COVID-19 is a global concert hosted by Red Angel, the best cheering group in Korea, from 2021.

In order to convey the courage and hope of overcoming COVID-19 to all countries around the world, famous K-POP singers participate to spread the hope.

Some of the profits from the concert will be donated worldwide through the Salvation Army.

The concert can be viewed through its own streaming server.

  • red angel concert

  • red angel concert

  • red angel concert

Decentralized Game Technology

GMM Preview

  • GMM E-Platform

    You are the only one who knows how to play with cryptocurrency.
  • Asset Growth App

    The moment you participate in the master plan, you can enjoy the benefits.
  • Blockchain-based

    The transparency and fairness of blockchain technology can increase mutual trust.
  • More Info

    Starting with the game service, you will soon be able to find out all the information about our project, from cryptocurrency to business model.

  • Game Service

    You can enjoy not only games from various game developers, but also GMM's own games made by GMM.

  • Simple + Fast

    Experience our easy and fast solution for yourself.


Ecosystem circulating around PlayBox and GMM E-platform system

  • E-Platform


    You can enjoy all of the games that many have played or wanted to play. Meet the games that will be available worldwide on our social gaming platform now. The moment you play, you can feel all the emotion as it is!
     Learn more
  • Asset Growth App

    You can sign up for GMM Asset Plus through an invitation code, which is a solution for GMM asset growth and gaming. PlayBox, an asset growth product, is for auto mining and consists of a total of 5 levels.
     Learn more
GMM Project Status

GMM Project Info.

  • PlayBox & Gold

    PlayBox Mining Status

    1gmm = 0.6 USDT

    • Total cumulative PlayBox

      2,100,000.32 GMM

      Today’s cumulative PlayBox

      32,011 GMM
    • Gold Price

      1,835.68 +21.55 +1.19%

      Foundation gold holdings

  • Coin Info & Allocation

    • Coin name :Gold Mining Members (GMM)
    • Coin symbol :GMM
    • Issued volume :1,000,000,000
    • Based Coin :ERC - 20 (18 Decimals)
    • Contract :0x7af89c8a06719271a96e62e290ea9ed192e73fc1
    • Coin Burn Volume

    • PlayBox Mining Pool

    • Game Mining Pool

    • Distribution Volume

    • Foundation


About the Foundation


Road Map

    • MOA with MMI

      Mining Business, Investment program.
    • MOA with GEB International

      Blockchain, e-Platform, Game License
    • Blueprint for Crypto/Real Life Mining procedure

    • Game Playing + Mining investment, Social Gaming

    • GMM Project launch Mining Business

      ( SDM, MMI, GEB International )
    • Listed GMM on Exchange

      XT , HotBIT
    • MM ‘E’ Project launch

      APP ‘ASSETPLUS’, Platform ‘E-Platform’
    • GO Establish SDM in Korea

      ncorporation & Team
    • Development Launch of.

      Blockchain, Platform, New Games, etc.
    • Expanding On/Offline GMM network

      ( Cruise, Hotels, Malls )
    • GMM e-Platform Open


  • Sean Jeon

    Founder / GMM

  • Chang Lee

    Co-Founder / GMM

  • Jay Kwak

    CEO / President of SDM Inc.

    Business management at University of North Texas
  • Sangseon Jung

    Global Marketing Director / GEB

    President of Korea-China Business Federation General Association
  • Sean Lee

    CFO / SDM Inc.

    Accounting/ finance at University of Texas at El Paso
  • Julian Lee

    COO / SDM Inc.

    MBA at University of California at Berkeley
  • Steve Kwon

    CMO / SDM Inc.

    LWP Director of International Operations
  • Don Choi

    Law Advise / SDM Inc.

    Managing partner Viper capitals LLC
  • Eric Lomas

    Law Advise / SDM Inc.

    Attorney at Law
  • Khu Duong

    Marketing Manager in Usa / SDM Inc.

    IT Engineer - MCPHS Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Chi Bang

    Marketing Manager in Usa / SDM Inc.

    CEO/Owner - Clientel3
  • Zsolt Medveczky

    Marketing Manager in Usa / SDM Inc.

    CEO/Owner - Elite Gymnastics Academy
  • Mike Li

    Tech Advise / SDM Inc.

    Tech Lead, security software engineer for tweeter

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